YouTube Video Ad Sequence Tutorial – What is Video Ad Sequencing with Google Ads and YouTube

Check out our YouTube Video Ad Sequence Tutorial. We answer the question: What is YouTube Video Ad Sequencing with Google Ads and YouTube Advertising and we show you how to set-up a video ad sequence campaign with YouTube Ads. Video ad sequencing with YouTube is becoming more popular with Google Ads because it allows you to show video ads in order.

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If you are already using YouTube Video Advertising, then setting up Video Ad Sequencing campaigns through Google Ads will be straightforward, you just have the find the right strategy for your business. You get to choose videos in a specific order and target your audience and demographics at the campaign level.

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A YouTube video ad sequence is created similar to a playlist, where users will see your YouTube Video ads in specific sequence or series. You get to choose which video people see first, and then second, and then third and so on. Each step of the video sequence will be separated into a different ad group. The settings for this campaign will be set at the campaign level, like your bidding strategy, targeting, locations, and more. You can choose your specific bid and video in each step of the sequence. People will see your sequence video ads until they watch all the videos.

To help you tell your brand’s story, YouTube will optimize ad sequence campaigns to show in their entirety. Keep in mind, progress through the steps in your sequence is based on impressions (not on views, engagements, or other metrics). For a person to move to the second step in your sequence, for example, an impression must be counted for the video in the first step.

Bidding strategies include the following:

Target CPM

With Target CPM, we optimize bids to show your entire sequence campaign to your audience, which can help you get a higher sequence completion rate.

Maximum CPM

Maximum CPV

YouTube Sequence Ad formats include the following:

TrueView in-stream ads
Bumper ads
A combination of TrueView in-stream and bumper ads

About Video Ad sequencing:

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