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You Should Make Money Hands Free w/ Stormy Wellington

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Be a part of Stormy’s Wifi Money Challenge βœ…πŸ‘‰πŸΎ

What is Wi-Fi Money? How do you build your enterprise to be automated and ran by systems? . After blazing Episode #264 of the S.P.P. ( Watch here : πŸ‘‰πŸΎπŸ₯³ Stormy sits down with me to unpack the process of Making Money Hands Free!
Stormy Wellington’s journey to becoming a multi-millionaire, best selling author, coach, and speaker has been marked by years of hustle, seasons of being mentored, and decades of being resourceful. Known to many as β€œCoach Stormy” she has been able to create multi millionaires, build a historically large organization in network marketing, and use her influence to broker large deals in the health and beauty industries. In this episode we will get to know the woman behind the brand and will unpack :

β€’ Her Goal of helping 1,000 people become millionaires: the vision she has to develop 1,000 families into multiple seven figure earners in order to set their family free for generations.

β€’ β€œI” Leadership vs. β€œYou” Leadership : the truth behind what it takes to build massive organizations, a winning team culture, and trust amongst those you are responsible for building into in a way that is β€œothers first focused”.

β€’ Burning Desire & Imagination and Visualization : why your ability to create a burning desire for what you want is the key to seeing it take place before you ever see evidence of it actualizing ( this is a key to unlocking wealth, ultimate purpose, and a constant state of execution)

β€’ Believing Doubts and Doubting Beliefs : why your self-talk, values, and circle of influence could be the ultimate deciding factor of whether you become the person you desire to be or if you end up repeating the same patterns of those who have come before you.

And so much more!

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