You Hired a Sales Letter Copywriter? A Guide to Getting the Best Results From Them!

You’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to hire a freelance copywriter to do your sales letter? That’s all fine and good, but you need to know these secrets about how to work with him. If you don’t follow these secrets, you’re guaranteeing not messing up your investment!

Sit down and start talking, if you don’t want to be crying later

Well, not really “crying”. But its important to prevent disappointment, and the biggest disappointment you can get is not getting the most out of an investment. And to prevent that, you really need to ask for what you want and need. Get on a consultation with your copywriter of choice, and start telling him the answers to these questions. Be sure to really explain your views and goals:

  • Who are your targeted demographic? (age, income, gender)
  • Can you best describe them? Who are they? What do they do?
  • What makes your product special, what makes it unique?
  • What is your competition, and how do they differ?

Be honest!

The more you truthfully you reveal your feelings and fears to your copywriter, and the more you reveal any previous marketing mess-ups… the more he’s going to be able to help out. And remember, just because the copywriter is the professional here on copywriting, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t voice your concerns! There are no stupid questions. If you disagree with parts of the sales-letter or think should be changed, speak up. To the corollary of that…

Do put faith in your copywriter, he is a pro

If you have done your job right, you’ve hired a true professional, meaning, he knows what he is doing. If you’ve hired the right man, he’s passionate and almost obsessed with doing profit-snaring copy that pulls money out of your clients pockets.

So do put at least some faith in the process. Besides, if you’ve done everything right, you’ve hired a copywriter with an unconditional money back guarantee based on results. If you did this, you can relax, and let the copywriter do all the work while you just watch the money rolling in.

Form a relationship, don’t just buy a product

Let me remind you of something obvious. If this copywriter does do an amazing job, guess what? Your business grows and expands. And what happens when it expands? You make even more products and need even more copywriting done. It helps that you built a nice relationship with this copywriter so you can get new copy done at lower pricing, and on cue.

So its important to treat him as if an equal partner from day 1. Not because you actually want to make him a partner (you don’t), but you act as if you’re going to be doing business for a LONG time. This ensures getting much better copy for the same money.