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Yoga Pranayama to Cure Sciatica

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Sciatica is a very painful disease. It is ruining the life of millions. This disease is associated with the pain of the back, hips & the lower portion of the body. This happens due to the weakening of the spinal muscles. The intervertebral disc becomes weak due to regular traveling or sitting on the office chair. This causes this disease. Yoga is considered as the perfect healer for this disease. It is a comprehensive field & helps a lot in controlling & curing various diseases. This not only makes your body healthy but also helps a lot in bringing perfect balance to your life.

The term yoga is a “Sanskrit” term. This means the connection of body, mind & soul. It is believed that proper balance among these is essential in order to get the healthy life. It comprises of various mudras, asana & pranayama. These help a lot in controlling various diseases. The mudras, pranayama & asana are basically the physical & mental exercises. These are performed in the fresh air with regulated breathing. This helps a lot in removing the negative energy from the muscles. The stretching of the muscles helps a lot in shedding the negative energy of the body. In addition to this, it also helps a lot in improving the blood circulation of the body. The overall result is that it provides full nourishment to the muscle tissues, thus providing them sufficient strength.

The “paschimottanasana” is a perfect yoga mudra that is perfect to control & cure sciatica. In this posture, the practitioner has to sit the legs spreading in the forward direction. The practitioner has to bend in the forward direction, while holding toes with the hands & forehead touching the knees. This bending provides wide flexibility to the back muscles. In addition to this, it also helps in providing relaxation to the back muscles. The improved flow of blood provides significant nourishment to the back & hip muscles, thus making these stronger.

Another very important yoga posture that can perfectly cure sciatica is “Dhanush asana or bow pose”. To do this pose, the enthusiast must lie prone. Then the practitioner has to hold the toes with the help of the hands. The pose should perfectly reflect the replica of the bow. This posture provides effective stretching to the back posture. The muscles get proper relaxation with this mudra. The passage of blood through the muscles helps a lot in offering full nourishment to the muscle cells. This will result in providing significant strength to the muscles.

These yoga pranayama can perfectly heal the fatal disease sciatica. One should perform these on a regular basis in order to get a healthy body. The pranayama & asana not only give you a healthy body, but also bring proper balance in your life.

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