Make Money Online WORDPRESS WordPress Theme Development Tutorial (Hindi) – Part – 1

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial (Hindi) – Part – 1

WordPress Theme Development Tutorial (Hindi) – Part – 1 post thumbnail image

Learn WordPress theme creation from scratch step by step in Hindi.

WordPress theme development sometimes also called as Theme Integration or Theme Creation. In this WordPress video tutorial, you will learn how to convert any HTML Design/Template into a WordPress theme. In this part-1, we will migrate HTML/CSS/images from selected design/template to WordPress for the homepage. Then we will convert the static menu into dynamic using the WordPress function.

WordPress Theme Development Part-2:
– Here, we will implement other homepage sections, logo, footer and internal pages dynamically.

WordPress Theme Development Part-3:
– Here, we will convert HTML News template using ‘Custom Post Types’ & ‘WP_Query’ Class

# Important Links:
* HTML Template (Law Firm) –
* WP Common Functions –
* WordPress Menu –
* WordPress Basic Tutorial –
* Starter theme creation –

This Hindi tutorial covers WordPress theme development from scratch and it mainly involves migrating HTML/design into WordPress template files and then making each section dynamic so that content can be managed by WordPress.

There are multiple ways to start a WordPress theme:
* Using Default WordPress Theme
* Using Third-Party/External Theme
* Generating theme from Underscore template (We will use this)
* Create WordPress files from scratch

– ‘Underscore’ is officially powered by WordPress.

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