Why Is It Important To Blog?

Blogging comes naturally to everybody only if people try it. As school goers many kids write on the last pages of note books and most of us dismiss it for scribbling. It is actually the start of what we now call blogging. Putting down what naturally comes to your mind and flows through it, forms the blog. The best writers can use it to churn out dollars and many use it to calm the troubled thoughts. The benefits of blogging are various and we delve into a few in this article.

1. Many websites allow monetizing blogs like Blogger on Google. If you are good at blogging and know your art well you might just be the right person to take up advertisements from different companies and place them securely on your blog pages and write relevant content. Followers who love your blog will visit your blog and might click on those links. Depending on your arrangement with the advertising agency you will be paid.

2. If you have a freelancing business and want more orders, bogging might get you there. Blogs allow you to put up your work and advertise your services. Writing SEO optimized articles will get you more traffic to your page and hence more people will know about your services.

3. Consistent blogs help build trust and a relationship. People who do not blog consistently or forget that they have to update their page at least 2-3 times a week lose competition and reputation in the industry and personally. Since there are so many people blogging and building their name online these days, one week without posts could mean a bunch of followers leaving you for someone else.

4. Blogs are highly cost-effective. While a website construction and maintenance can cost hundreds of dollars per month a blog can be maintained by a single person and customized by the owner himself/herself. Most of the services are free. Some customization might cost a few dollars per year. An effective blog these days does not cost more than $50 a year.

Blogs have become an integral to any business or person. People blog about food, magazines, shopping, lifestyle and nearly any and every subject available on this planet. The importance of blogging cannot be ignored and can be ascertained simply from the fact that businesses keep blogs as a means to keep communication alive with their customers. The only way they can reach out and receive a healthy, not necessarily positive, feedback is by maintaining blogs.

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