What to Do With Article Marketing?

Article marketing has been around for more than a decade now. It is use for different reasons. Some uses article marketing for branding purposes or to be seen as an expert. Some uses article marketing because they have a low or no marketing budget to advertise their business. Whatever your reason is, Article marketing is a great way to advertise without trying to sell something. WHAT!!! That is correct, without selling something. So what to do with article marketing?

First thing to do is to establish a subject you want to write about. If you are an internet marketer there are thousands of subject to choose from. Just like mine today is article marketing, yours could be video marketing, branding, goal setting etc. etc. Once you pick your subject, it is time to do a keyword research. If you do a keyword research before you start, it will help you rank better on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Take your time here because your purpose with article marketing is to make yourself known in the world of the internet. The difference between a good keyword research and a bad one will mean your article being viewed by only a few individuals vs. thousands if you do a good research. Go to Google and type in keyword research tool and learn how to do it.

Once you selected the right keyword(s), decide what kind of article you will write. Is it a How to, review, a problem, and top ten of, etc.etc.? Your article will be approx. 300-500 words. It will be made of an introduction, 3 paragraphs and a conclusion, just like an essay you wrote in high school. An article that goes over 500 words risk to bore your reader unless your content is absolutely great.

Your title will be your keyword(s) or at least your keyword(s) will be in the title. Example here is I chose to do an article about article marketing but my keyword is “what to do with article marketing”. I could of named my article “what to do with article marketing in today’s internet age” and it would of been the same thing giving me the same results on Google. Make sure your main keyword(s) are in your article at least 3 times. Title, introduction and conclusion. Do not enter your keywords more than 5 times as article publishers do not like that and could lead to your article not being published.

The last thing you have to learn is how to build a good resource box or bio. This is where people will go find out more about you. This is where you will enter links to your website or blog. This is your chance to do some selling without advertising. Tell them a little bit about you and invite your reader to learn more about you by visiting your website or blog.

You can publish your articles for free on the internet in thousands of sites. Just Google it, and the best sites will come up first. Don’t worry about writing a bad article. Most people do at first but after a 5 or 6 you will get a hang of it and soon you will be able to write an article in 30 minutes.

To your success