What is mobile marketing? The art of marketing your business. | Be Your Own B-School

00:05 – Introduction
01:14 – What is mobile marketing?
02:16 – 1. Know your target market
03:22 – 2. Remain relevant
04:25 – So what is this development attributed to?
05:07 – 3. Listen to mobile customers
06:29 – 4. Take advantage of personalisation
07:35 – 5. Iterate regularly
08:37 – 6. Construct a strong brand name
09:46 – 7. Optimize the ‘post-click’ experience
10:25 – One principle for touchdown web pages

Over the last decade, mobile technology has rapidly become the core of almost whatever, transforming consumer practices for life. So it must come as not a surprise to you that this new tool has additionally had a major impact on various other areas such as shopping, brand name recognition and also customer care. Today, greater than 85% of internet individuals are mobile.

When done right, mobile marketing delivers customised, time- and also location-based details to customers or potential customers who make use of smartphones, so they get specifically what they need, also when they’re on the go

Yet with this rise in appeal of mobile marketing, competition among mobile online marketers has become intense. So what does it take to be a successful mobile marketing professional? In this blog post, we show you some of the most effective mobile marketing suggestions to enhance your strategy as well as ultimately increase your business.

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