Webinar: How to Design Website for Lead Generation

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Let’s talk about lead generation. When I start any website project I begin with the end in mind, which usually means generating sales leads and revenue. But, how does lead generation happen on the Web?

Let me assure you it is a messy and wandering process confused by technology, design, and people’s peculiar online behaviors. In this presentation, I seek to demystify some of messiness of lead generation—providing you a more direct path to generating leads with your website.

To that end, I teach you:
– How web leads generally happen (i.e., what people do before they contact you),
– Why you should think about CRM and lead management early,
– How to think about web traffic to get more of it,
– How to get them to convert once they hit your website, and
– Finally, I will show it all in action—good and bad—with live website reviews

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