Web Test Automation with Record/Playback Feature – Part 1

Perfect & Powerful Web Testing Automation Tool – TestingWhiz

Looking for testing automation for web apps? Also, are you tired of writing long test scripts? Do you want to make your test scripts to Record and Playback easy? Do you need a Recorder, to work flawless in an automated software testing?

Here is the solution… TestingWhiz, a Codeless Test Automation Tool for software, web and mobile applications.

The above video shows how TestingWhiz – an automated testing tool can easily record all your steps and generate scripts with a simple and intuitive feature, “RECORD”. The tool records and generates scripts for all the input values, drop-down and radio buttons.

Further you can edit the scripts as per your need. The “Drag & Drop” feature allows to easily drag the commands and drop into the Test Scripts which saves the time instead of writing the whole script. Moreover, you can also update the values in the Test Scripts at any point of time.

The user can Execute/Playback the recorded Test Script into any of the available browsers and also in the mobiles.

Check out the Part 2 of Record/Playback Feature of TestingWhiz – an automated testing tool:

TestingWhiz is a Codeless Test Automation Solution which features Record and Execute functions which is used for Web, Mobile, API and Database Testing. TestingWhiz’s vision is to help all small, mid-sized and large-scale software companies as well as individual test engineers and QA analysts to move to the next level of hassle free test automation.

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