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Great Learning brings you this video on “Web Development – Full Course”. In this video, you will be learning programming languages that base every website on the Internet. We will start by discussing how HTML can be used to define the structure and content of web pages, right from scratch, post which we will see how CSS is used to style our webpage and finally we will be talking about javascript and understand its concept and use. Not only that, but this entire live session is in Hindi, in a language so many of our learners prefer!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:21 Agenda
00:03:35 Step by Step to become a Web Developer
00:13:30 What is HTML?
00:19:04 Features of HTML
00:21:13 HTML Editors
00:23:14 HTML Skeleton
00:41:18 HTML Comments
00:44:23 HTML Elements
00:51:16 HTML Types of Elements
00:56:54 HTML File and Folder Structure
01:04:33 Anatomy of HTML tags
01:07:43 HTML Attributes
01:19:04 HTML Basic Tags
02:21:50 What is CSS?
02:25:08 History of CSS
02:27:29 CSS Editors
02:29:16 CSS Basic Structure
02:44:15 CSS Comments
02:48:34 Types of CSS
03:19:22 Types of Selectors
03:59:17 CSS Color
04:16:55 CSS Background
04:31:02 CSS Text and Font
05:00:58 What is JavaScript?
05:02:40 JIT Compiler
05:04:36 JavaScript History
05:06:18 JavaScript Tools
05:08:13 ECMA JavaScript
05:09:22 JavaScript Code
05:22:32 JavaScript Comments
05:26:37 JavaScript Properties
05:28:18 JavaScript Variables
05:29:15 JS Naming Convention
05:31:34 JS Conditional Statements
05:41:12 JavaScript Loops
05:54:30 JavaScript Operators
06:19:30 JavaScript Hoisting
06:34:44 JavaScript Datatypes
06:46:11 JS Object Creation
06:59:08 JavaScript Arrays
07:22:43 JavaScript Functions
07:35:40 JavaScript IIFE
07:54:55 ReactJS Basics
08:50:44 Introduction to MongoDB
08:54:53 Introduction to NoSQL
09:04:41 SQL vs NoSQL
09:11:20 MongoDB Installation
09:21:58 Create Database
09:39:12 CRUD Operations
10:08:43 Summary

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