Univera Review – Is Univera a Good Business Opportunity?

If you found this article, you are probably wondering if Univera is a scam or a good business opportunity. I have had many people asking me if they should get involved in Univera. In this Univera review we will have a look at the four pillars of network marketing and discover once and for all if Univera is a good business opportunity for you.

1. Univera Company

Univera is a health and wellness company founded in 1999 by YunHo Lee, a successful Korean businessman. He decided to start this company on a vision to bring the best of nature to the market. Univera was founded after Mr. Lee experienced the benefits of the Aloe Vera while he was not seeing any results with conventional medicine. Univera was developed as part of the ECONET, an ECOlogical and ECOnomic global NETwork of companies. It is a network marketing company with many products and millions of distributors worldwide.

2. Univera Products

The goal of ECONET was to develop products using pharmaceutical expertise to the world of natural products. Univera and Unigen (its Research and Development entity), created many products protected by more than 160 patents. The products revolve around four areas of helping the customer’s body: Nourish, Restore, Fortify and Vitalize. Some of the most noticeable products include Ageless Xtra, Essentials, Meta Green, Meta Berry or The Inthinity System.

3. Univera Business and Compensation Plan

As many people are looking to become healthier, starting a home based business in the health and wellness family is a good idea. For a small $40, there are 7 ways to make money with the Univera Business Opportunity: Retail Commissions, Unilevel Pay, Generation Pay, Xcelerate Your Drive, Blue Diamond Bonus, Incentives and Trips, Promotional Pay. The Univera compensation plan is built around a 4 level deep unilevel plan. A nice feature of the plan is the fact that new distributors will earn a higher percentage of commissions. A new distributor will be paid 15% on the first level and 5% on his downline. This is not bad and Univera is a great business opportunity overall.

4. Univera Sponsor Distributor

Now that we have seen that Univera is a good business by itself and that the Univera products are good, there is one more important point to look at. It is your potential upline sponsor. And this is critical. As in all network marketing companies, your business will grow when you find people to sponsor and help them do the same. To explode your business you must make sure that you find a sponsor that will teach you modern methods to find prospects using the Internet and not those old school methods of bugging friends and family.

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