Unique Website Content

Webmasters who have been online for any length of time realize the true importance of unique website content. Content written with SEO in mind, that is interesting and informative can take your site a long way to getting to the top of the SERPs along with a good link building campaign.

You’ll find many websites online selling PLR articles. While these articles may be well written, the truth of the matter is they are nothing more than duplicate content, and while your site may not necessarily be penalized for using them, they are not unique, and so won’t help you to gain any ground in the major engines.

Climbing the search rankings is not an easy task. At least it isn’t for many of the more competitive keywords and phrases. When it comes to those types of terms, strong, authoritative, well written website content is the key to your success.

Couple that with your link building campaign, and other methods and your site can be on top in no time at all. You have to keep in mind that link buildiing is no longer the way it used to be. With Google’s updates to its algorithm, the old way of obtaining backlinks is no longer the way to go. Instead, we should be concentrating on getting websites to link back to ours, by placing links back to our sites within their content. We should be doing the same for them.

It’s important that you focus your efforts on the outset and decide on a couple of keywords or phrases that are most relevant to your site, and then concentrate on building your SEO campaign around that. You’ll want to make use of other related keywords too but you don’t want a broad approach to your SEO project. You’re better off to start out concentrating on the one or two keywords and then branch out from there as you gain better footing in the search engines.

A good SEO plan is just as important to a website, as the business plan is to your business and you have to concentrate on gaining ground before you can ever hope to make any sales.

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