Types of Joint Ventures

To my opinion these are some of the types of Joint Venture that you could carry out:

1. Creating of products or services

You can approach others to create a product. This can be only one other person or a group of people.

In my ZOOM project I approached more than 50 Internet marketers to create an ebook. Of course I have to take the initiative to get it organized and co-ordinate with all the JV partners.

You can also create a JV with one other person to create a product. There are many such joint ventures on the Internet. At the time of writing I am creating one such Joint Venture. I will be creating a membership site on Internet marketing. I will do the compiling of information and my JV partner will create the software for the project.

2. Pooling Of Resources

Every one of us has our strength and weakness. We can combine our strength to create and promote a product or service. I am in the process of creating a JV with an Internet marketer who is a programmer. He has created an excellent product, but is not able to reach a big market. I agreed to assist with the promotion since getting traffic and JV partner is my strength. This will be a 50/50 joint venture.

3. Trading Endorsements

You may have a great product but without proper exposure and endorsements your launch will not be a big success.

You can create a JV to exchange endorsements and promotions with other Internet marketers. You assist in endorsing and promoting their products and they in return will do the same for you. In fact most of the successful product launches are due to this.

Many Internet marketers are now forming Alliances among themselves. Alone you can do very little, but together we can do big things.

My advice is that you start the process by endorsing and promoting for others first. Most will reciprocate!

4. Exchanging Testimonials

Getting testimonials for your product and web site is important. This was how I started getting my JV partners.

Putting testimonials on your website will provide you with credibility. To the person who provides the testimonial it will provide him with free exposure and traffic. Therefore there is no reason for an Internet marketer to turn you down when you request for testimonials for your product.

I have personally given hundreds of testimonials to others and many of my web sites are receiving free exposure and traffic. I also get good search engine ranking because of the back links.

5. Exchanging Banners

You can exchange banners with other web site. This is also a joint venture as it will benefit both parties.

6. Exchange of Ezine Ads

If you manage an ezine you can approach other publishers to exchange ezine ads with them. This could be short classified ads on a long term basis or Solo ads on a case to case basis.

These are some of the ways you can create joint ventures. There may be other ways suitable to your types of products or services. Just be creative and try them out!

7. Link Exchange

Exchanging links with other theme related sites can boost your search engine rankings. This is also a simple form of joint venture that can benefit both parties.