Triple Optimized Amazon Listing SEO – 3 SECRET Keys to Listing Optimization on Amazon FBA

Danny Carlson shares the 3 secrets to listing optimization on Amazon FBA to rank on page one from his experience creating more than 1200 listings for clients of Kenji ROI.

Most Amazon sellers only focus on 2 of the 3, but those who optimize all 3 get exponential boosts to click through rate and conversion rate, making Amazon ads and product launches more effective.

This video goes deeper than just how to optimize amazon listings, we go into a methodology by Danny Carlson & used by Kenji ROI to maximize click through and conversion rates on Amazon product listings in a reliable & repeatable way.

The Triple Optimized Amazon Listing: 3 keys to Amazon product listing optimization

– Keyword Optimization
– Key Info Communication
– Persuasive Desire Optimization

When we have all 3 of them together, 1+1+1 = 5. Understanding these concepts can have massive effects on the effectiveness of your Amazon listing optimization.

Optimizing for keywords alone is not how to get your Amazon keywords to page 1. We need to optimize for the human reader as well or you’ll have terrible click through rates.

Yes, do proper Amazon keyword research. I made an hour long epic guide for that here:

But info optimization and persuasive desire optimization or vital pieces of how to make an Amazon listing in 2020 that crushes competition.


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