Make Money Online SEO TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO / AUDIO – search engine optimization

TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO / AUDIO – search engine optimization

TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO / AUDIO – search engine optimization post thumbnail image

We will type a transcript of your video. Spoken content in YouTube or Google videos is difficult for search engines to find. The hearing impaired are unable to take advantage of your videos without text.

Posting a transcript with your video allows spoken words to be indexed and helps increase the chances your content is found by search engines. Also, the hearing impaired or anyone without audio capability will be provided with the written word.

How Does It Work? We will type a transcript of all spoken words in your video and send you the transcript in an MSWord document within 24-48 hours. Listen to Matt Cutts of Google and review the transcript we typed of his interview.

Send us a message and attach the video you want transcribed. Or, send us an email at and tell us the video URL such as the one we just watched from Matt Cutts of Google:

Price Advantage….Pricing is at $1.50 US dollars per audio minute. So, a 30 minute audio will cost $45 US dollars to transcribe. * (min $5 per video). Matt mentioned 2 cents a word but on average our pricing is closer to 0.5 to 1 cent per word !

Be Found ….. We will return your transcript within 24-48 hours to the email you specify.
Next, post transcript in the Description of your video and be ready to have your content found faster by search engines !

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Thank you !

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(7:51) Interviewer: But anyway, indexing video, should we post video on YouTube, should we post it on Google Video? Where should it go and how do we make sure that it gets found, I guess

(8:01) Google’s Matt Cutts:Yeah, totally. So, here’s a few tips. If its less than 10 minutes, YouTube, you can put it up, no problem at all. If its more than 10 minutes, if its like an hour long interview, Google Video, you can do longer form video. If you can, it really makes a big difference if you can get a transcript. And I’ve even seen some people who will take the video, they’ll ship off the file to, you know, you can ship it to India or something like that and you can say, I’ll pay 2 cents per word or whatever, and they will transcribe it for you. Because search engines still have a problem indexing, you know, spoken stuff, and things in audio/video, stuff like that. So if you have a transcript or you can do good meta tags,

Music used by permission, Artist: Robert Vadney

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