Traffic Generation: Building A Site That Is Designed For Easy Customer Navigation And Purchase Paths

When it comes to traffic generation a lot of Internet marketers focus on external methods to bring in that traffic. But how many of them focus on the design of the website and making it easy for customers to navigate and find information they are looking for? In this article I’m going to discuss a few of the ways Internet marketers or website owners can begin creating websites right now that are far more customer and user-friendly.

The first way you can build a site that is designed for easy customer navigation and possible conversion would be by placing an e-mail opt in form where it can be easily seen on the site. You can do this easily by placing such an opt-in form next to content on the side of your site right at the top. You can also have reminders at the bottom of your content or at the very bottom of your page. This way you get multiple chances to convert them.

The second way this can be done is by having easy to understand buttons on your site that take users from page to page. Seeing as how traffic generation is so tough, when visitors arrive to your site you want them to easily find what they are looking for and click over right away. This will lead to longer stays on your website, which in turn will give you more chances to convert them to a lead or a sale.

The last way to do this or one of the last ways to do this would be not using too much multimedia on a website that will slow down the time it takes to navigate different sections of the site. How many times have you gone to a website to see that it took so long to download a particular page you lost interest? This could end up hurting your traffic generation efforts, so keep the multimedia on your website to a minimum if possible.

In the end designing a website that focuses on easy navigation and easy purchase paths is preferred. Traffic generation isn’t easy, and it would be very unfortunate if most of that traffic went to waste because your website was difficult to navigate. After reading this article you should know exactly how to avoid this such as placing e-mail opt in forms where they can easily be seen, making sure that the buttons on your site clearly convey what they are meant for along with making sure not to include too much multimedia that will slow down the navigation on your website.

After all, would you wait around for a given page to load up? Your answer to this question would be the same way your potential customers will feel.