Top 7 Freelancing Websites in the World (2020) | High Paid Jobs/Low Competition Websites in 2020

In this video, We are going to look at Top 7 Best freelancing websites in 2020 that are alternate to Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. We are going to look at Top 7Freelancing Websites in 2020 that have high paid jobs with low Competition Being an experienced freelancer, I always recommend people to work on multiple freelancing platforms. these freelancing websites are surely going to add more clients as many people limit themselves to a very few freelancing websites.
These are the top 7 freelancing websites in 2020 that are similar to Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer

* Follow the exact same way how Upwork Works. These are the steps that
– Signup on freelancing website.
– Complete your freelancing profile on the freelancing website.
– Bid on freelance projects on freelancing website.
– Deal with the client in an interview on freelancing website.
– Get hired on
– Submit work on
– Get paid.
* PeoplePerHour:
If you have ever worked on the Fiverr freelancing website then you won’t have any problem working on
– Signup on freelancing website.
– Complete your profile on PeoplePerHour freelancing website.
– Create gigs on freelancing website.
– Apply on jobs on freelancing website.
– Get hired on freelancing website.
– Submit work on freelancing website.
– Withdraw payment from freelancing website.

Besides gigs on freelancing website, it also offers freelancers to apply on jobs just like buyer requests on the Fiverr freelancing platform.

* 99Designs:
99Design is a website specifically for graphic designers. so if you are working as a freelance graphic designer, you can create your people on 99designs and offer your services.
99designs gives 2 options for freelance graphic designers. Freelance graphic designers can either provide services or they can submit entries on a content to get awarded(get paid on 99designs). These are the steps a freelance graphic designer can take and work on 99designs freelancing platform as a freelance graphic designer.
– Signup on 99designs as a freelance graphic designer.
– Complete profile on 99designs freelance platform and go through the 99designs profile verification.
– Submit entries on the 99design logo contest on 99designs freelance platform.
– Win a 99designs logo contest to earn money.
– Get paid and Withdraw money from 99designs freelancing platform.
* TopTal:
Toptal is a website similar to but it has a more complex screening process. but the overall perks in getting approved on Toptal is that you will get a chance to be hired by big tech companies. the main aim of Toptal is to filter freelancers to such an extent that only 3% are selected as a Toptal freelancer.
================================================================================Number no.1 : Upwork
Number no.2 : Fiverr
================================================================================Number no.3 : Freelancer

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