Make Money Online FREELANCING This 17 Year Old Made $1000 Freelancing on Fiverr🔥 | Freelancing Tips for Beginners

This 17 Year Old Made $1000 Freelancing on Fiverr🔥 | Freelancing Tips for Beginners

This 17 Year Old Made $1000 Freelancing on Fiverr🔥 | Freelancing Tips for Beginners post thumbnail image

In this video, I talk with Aditya, a 17 year old freelancer who just made his first $1000 on fiverr selling iOS icon packs as his gig. He talks about his complete freelancing journey of using fiverr to make money, which softwares he used, how he chose this niche, how much time it took him to learn the skill and more!

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0:00 – Video Starts
0:40 – Introduction
1:10 – How he started freelancing on fiverr
5:05 – What his parents think of him freelancing as a school student
6:56 – How to chose a category/niche to start freelancing
8:33 – How much time did it take him to learn the freelancing skill?
10:00 – Fiverr Gig Algorithm
11:35 – Tips for Beginner Freelancers
11:47 – Put your services/gig on as many platforms as possible
12:17 – Target a niche that has lower competition
12:25 – Retain your clients
12:47 – Communication is important
13:10 – How to price your gig/work
14:04 – Outro

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