Make Money Online VIDEO MARKETING The ONLY Amazon FBA Tutorial You'll Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

The ONLY Amazon FBA Tutorial You'll Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS)

The ONLY Amazon FBA Tutorial You'll Ever Need (FOR BEGINNERS) post thumbnail image

This is a COMPLETE Amazon FBA Step-by-Step Course for Beginners teaching you how to sell on Amazon and Make Money in 2022. [COMPLETE COURSE]

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🔗 Links Mentioned in Video
▶ Ecom Freedom Profit Calculator:
▶ Get Domain Name:
▶ Find Logo Designer (Fiverr):
▶ Find Logo Designer (Upwork):
▶ DIY Logo Design (Canva):
▶ Get UPC/EAN Barcode:
▶ Product Inspection:
▶ Brand Names:
▶ Brand Names:
▶ Brand Names:
▶ Check Brand Name Availability:
▶ Generate Brand Colors:
▶ Check for Patents & Trademarks (US):
▶ Listing Description HTML Converter:
▶ Find Freight Forwarder:

⏱️ Timestamps
0:00 Tutorial Chapters & Topics
2:03 How Amazon FBA Works
3:32 FBA vs. FBM
4:07 Amazon Business Models
5:46 Why Amazon FBA
8:03 FAQ

11:03 1. Product Research: Product Criteria
27:43 1. Product Research: Best Product Research Tool
29:33 1. Product Research: Research Methods
53:20 1. Product Research: Checking Potential Product
1:00:25 1. Product Research: Profit Calculation

1:12:37 2. Finding Supplier: Supplier Criteria
1:16:35 2. Finding Supplier: Local vs. Asia
1:19:27 2. Finding Supplier: Supplier Research (Local)
1:20:54 2. Finding Supplier: Supplier Research (Alibaba)
1:31:34 2. Finding Supplier: Contacting Suppliers
1:36:06 2. Finding Supplier: Getting Samples
1:37:48 2. Finding Supplier: Negotiating
1:40:46 2. Finding Supplier: Final Profit Calculation
1:42:29 2. Finding Supplier: Supplier & Product Decision

1:43:49 3. Branding: Power of Branding
1:46:23 3. Branding: Brand Name
1:54:44 3. Branding: Brand Colors
1:59:31 3. Branding: Brand Logo
2:08:01 3. Branding: Product Packaging
2:09:54 3. Branding: Instruction Manual
2:10:43 3. Branding: Product Insert

2:12:43 4. Amazon Listing: Amazon Listing Elements
2:16:45 4. Amazon Listing: Keyword Research
2:22:16 4. Amazon Listing: Amazon Seller Account Setup
2:28:41 4. Amazon Listing: Getting UPC Barcode
2:32:46 4. Amazon Listing: Listing Creation

2:54:04 5. Shipping: Shipping Methods
2:56:59 5. Shipping: First Inventory Order
3:00:38 5. Shipping: Shipping Terms (EXW vs. DDP)
3:01:55 5. Shipping: Finding Freight Forwarder
3:07:35 5. Shipping: Creating Shipping Plan
3:12:56 5. Shipping: Shipping Labels
3:13:40 5. Shipping: Quality Control

3:14:47 6. Product Launch: Launch Process
3:18:57 6. Product Launch: Getting First Sales
3:23:00 6. Product Launch: PPC Ads
3:39:58 6. Product Launch: Reviews

3:41:21 Best Amazon FBA Course & Mentorship

📃 About this Video:
Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is an amazing business model to start! Especially for beginners who are new to ecommerce and selling online. This amazon fba tutorial will show you step by step how to sell on amazon. It’s a full course, totally for free here on youtube!

First you’ll get an overview of the business model for amazon sellers: Wholesale, Retail Arbitrage, Dropshipping and Private Label. You’ll learn the best product research method to find profitable products amazon fba. You’ll also learn how to find high quality suppliers locally and on alibaba. Then we’ll go over how to private label your product with amazing branding so you can sell it on amazon with a great profit margin. We’ll go through step by step how to ship your prodcuts from your supplier to an amazon fulfillment center.

Want to learn how to sell on amazon, start amazon fba and build your own amazon business? Start with this full guide on becoming an amazon seller!

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