Make Money Online VIDEO MARKETING The Future of Marketing & Brand Strategy in 2021 | News & Trends

The Future of Marketing & Brand Strategy in 2021 | News & Trends

The Future of Marketing & Brand Strategy in 2021 | News & Trends post thumbnail image

Scott Harkey shares intel on marketing strategies for small business owners and brands to succeed in the long run. View more Small Business News & Trends videos:

0:00 Who is Scott Harkey?
0:35 Changes in consumer behavior
0:55 Brand strategy for 2021
1:20 How brands can connect with customers
1:54 Next steps for small business owners
2:21 Why 2020 marketing strategies won’t work in 2021

The pandemic has changed the way businesses communicate with customers. As Co-Founder and Managing Partner of OH Partners, Scott Harkey says the marketing strategies that brands used in the past aren’t going to be as effective today —or in the future. Why? Because consumer behavior trends have revealed brands need to shift their messaging towards genuine human connection. Because brand authenticity is what customers care about, and they can spot a fake from a mile away. After doing some research to understand what’s on brand and what’s off, Scott says it’s crucial for companies to discover who they really are in order to reveal that message effectively to their audience. Directly reaching out to customers for feedback is one way to help build the self-awareness your brand needs. Then, Scott recommends small business owners gather all stakeholders, employees and investors together to ensure the mission and values of serving your customers are aligned. Because once you have internal alignment, the rest will flow. As brands take the steps needed to pivot their brand strategy in 2021, a closer look of the ins and outs of your business identity to connect with customers will help you move forward into the future.

42% of people reported that they were more active on social media during the pandemic.

Documenting your marketing strategies gives you a 538% greater chance of being successful in your efforts.

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