The Best Way to Find Freelancers

Struggling to find cost effective personnel? Want to avoid paying someone to do half a job? There are many ways to find cost effective freelancers, but there are very few that can do a job well.

Here are a few suggestions to find freelancers:

1. Google for freelancers and you will find plenty of website that offer freelancers for hire. They all have their positives and negatives, however you want to find the one with the biggest pool of talent in the field you are looking to propose the project.

2. Ask for specific examples of work done before, how long they took, how much they cost and what they did in those examples.

3. Ask links to pages of work completed that are “specific” to what you are asking for.

4. If you need them to speak a specific language, make sure you say so, for example “Must speak excellent English.”

5. Make sure you list if they will only deal with you or if they have to manage information from multiple sources.

6. What specific skills will they need. Make sure you ask for examples of them using these skills, and they should include the how, what, where, when, why of those examples too.

7. Ask them to include a timeline of when and where they will be able to deliver the project.

8. Be specific in what you don’t want in the proposal. Ask them not to list irrelevant URLS, because they probably will.

9. Make sure you have a clear idea of when you want the project delivered and state that in the plan.

10. Ask in forums to find people that might know freelancers. Don’t just rely on using elance websites to find suitable candidates.

11. Once you find a good candidate, ask them where to find good candidates.