Make Money Online WEBSITES The Architecture of a Landscaping Website: An AB Case Study

The Architecture of a Landscaping Website: An AB Case Study

The Architecture of a Landscaping Website: An AB Case Study post thumbnail image

Building impactful websites is far from straightforward. It requires creativity and an eye for aesthetics, but also the expertise to drive traffic, establish brand voice and improve SEO. All the same, some websites need more customization than others to suit their unique goals.

We at Anania Bailey recently developed a new custom WordPress website for Seabreeze Property Services, with a unique set of dual user interfaces. The project involved building a website that effectively served two distinct sets of audiences: residential and commercial.
Developing a Splash Home Page

We built the website on our custom WordPress theme, supplemented by a lot of extra functionality. The home page, for one, was designed as a splash page that gave the user two options to choose from: residential or commercial. Depending on what the user clicked on, they would be brought to one of two separate home pages. This was vital, as Seabreeze Property Services has two very well-defined audience segments to cater to.

The language between the two home pages had to be distinct in tone and style, as very different sectors of Seabreeze’s audience would be visiting each one. In addition, the design for the pages also needed to be distinguishable. We went with a slightly warmer-toned residential homepage, with the brand’s signature green and a warm off-white to give a more welcoming tone. For the commercial side, we built out more contrast with a clean white against the brand’s dark green. This helps to differentiate the two home pages while simultaneously keeping them both within the brand style.

Utilizing Toggles and First Party Cookies

Similar to the splash page, a switch-like toggle was added to the superheader of the website, allowing the user to toggle between the two options at any time without needing to return to the splash page. The content of the whole website changes based on the choice made by the user, but as a result of this feature, one can easily toggle between the two interfaces by simply scrolling to the top of the page and flipping the switch.
With the use of first-party cookies, a user’s initial choice between the residential or commercial side of the site is tracked. This ensures that each time the same user visits the site, they do not have to go through the splash page over and over again – the cookies remember their first choice. Then, if they want to switch, the user can scroll back up to the toggle.

Catering to Distinct Audiences within One Site
We collaborated with Seabreeze Property Services to integrate HubSpot forms within their website. This allows submissions to be tracked directly with the landscaping company’s CRM. The content and messaging on a website is equally important as its user interface. Keeping this in mind, we worked closely together with the Seabreeze team to incorporate branding and targeted messaging within the website’s information architecture. The separate forms allow for conversions to be tracked within each side of the site in an organized fashion.

Our efforts resulted in a well-designed, functional and professional website that suits a high-caliber brand such as Seabreeze Property Services.
At Anania Bailey, we can develop your business’s website with highly customizable and goal-oriented functionalities. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at (207) 406-9662 or reach out to our team via email at

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