Synchronize Your Efforts to Get Free Website Traffic

Generating free website traffic is great although it does require both time and effort in order to make it work effectively. Since there is no way around this it makes sense when using free traffic generation techniques to work as efficiently as possible. In affect what we are discussing here is better coordinating our use of free online advertising thereby magnifying the ‘sum’ of our efforts.

Here is how we can more efficiently use 3 popular online marketing strategies to really help boost our results and all without any extra effort.

Quality and Frequent Blog Posts

The amazing search engine optimization capabilities of blogging are what make this method so popular but it is not for those who are short on time or effort. With frequent updates to the site it is reasonable to expect an increase in your search engine ranking which is the best free online advertising you can get. The versatility a blog offers, and its ease of use make it hard to ignore for consideration as your primary online marketing platform.

Write Articles

Another labor intensive yet highly effective means to attract high quality traffic while also building one way links with highly ranked article directories. By placing a link to your blog in the resource box you are now driving traffic to this site. This particular traffic generation technique helps build your online credibility and if your articles are good enough they can be in circulation indefinitely.

Another consideration here is to take some of your best articles and rework them for posts to your blog or perhaps use some of your blog posts as the basis for new articles. Work smarter not harder!

Viral Reports

Here’s another way to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by creating a report and offering it as a free gift in your article resource box. In this way you can also be building a list for your business. Within the report itself encourage readers to share it with others and be sure it contains a link back to your site.

To create this report you can take some older articles that are on a related topic and put them together in a way that makes sense to readers. Be sure the topic is relevant to your business and/or blog theme.

Now you are creating synergy between and amongst these 3 online marketing strategies just reviewed above.

Generating free website traffic is a great feeling from the standpoint that it does not cost money. However using free traffic generation methods normally requires a lot of effort. Our focus should be on how to best use these free online advertising tactics to get the greatest results with a minimal amount of work. Learning to work smarter and not harder is the quickest avenue to success, and the suggestions above on how to use 3 popular online marketing strategies serves to achieve just that. Each strategy we discussed is effective on its own, but by better coordinating your efforts as suggested you can greatly increase your traffic generation capabilities.