Subscribe Now and Get Free Email Courses

Incentives are confirmed to elevate sales and a considerable amount of customers often subscribe to sites that gives out free courses delivered via email. This type of incentive is very popular among people who are eager to learn. Some would like to satisfy their curiosity by signing up. The courses are usually partnered with the autoresponders and through this; these courses can be easily maintained and delivered.

An autoresponder can be programmed to send out a series of email course. With a specific time hiatus, this technology is now ready to distribute the courses. The courses, though, differs among any other traditional ones because is no direct interaction and correspondence between the instructor and the student.

The instructor writes the information out, puts each lesson in an auto responder series, sets the timing for the lessons to be sent and the rest is left to the power of automation. The timing can also be subject to the customer’s approval.

The courses are created to sell products and services but there was a study conducted which states that email courses can be written for almost any goods in the market.

The following are general steps in creating an email course:

• Determine the subject of your course and as to how long it would run. The number of times that you opt to send the messages will determine how you’d want to divide your lessons. When you’re done writing the lessons, you can now load them in the auto-responder. Lastly, set the interval for each lesson.

The first lesson would be delivered a day after the request was received. The next interval will now depend on either the default interval set or as to whatever is requested by the customer.

• Advertising the email address is the next step. As soon as the advertisement starts, the autoresponder will be activated.

• Copyread and verify the correctness of spelling and grammar of every sentence because a slip-up on this part will reflect negatively to your reputation.

• Do not forget to perform a dry-run by sending all the course contents to your email. This will make you capable to view the same email course that you have sent to your customers giving you a chance to evaluate your work.