Steps to Start Earning With Google AdSense in a Simple and Most Effective Way

There is no doubt that so much money is being made on Google Adsense. But the most interesting part is that even small sites & blogs are also finding ways to make money on Adsense.

There are so many creative & new ways to make & also increase it on Adsense. In fact more discoveries are also being made 7 also put into force.

You must lay down your objectives very clearly before starting on a business and more so, to make profit from Google AdSense business. The following tips will surely help you to get better income from Google Adsense.

1. Place the Ad on top

The best place to place your ads are basically on the top of the page since not all the viewers would want to scroll down the page. It should also be placed on the top left hand side since we normally read from left and move towards the right.

2. Number of ads placed on a page

The number of ads placed on a single page should be approximately 3 to 4 ads. We should not place so many ads on a single page because this will make the page look untidy.

3. Medium Sized Rectangles

If you use medium size rectangles to hold 3 ads together then this will surely work to make money for you.

4. Blending the ads

This is one of the most important factor in making money. You must blend your ads with your website properly so that people will not know that what they are clicking is actually an ad.

5. Color of links

The main color for links is blue. There is little reason for you to choose a different color. The color immediately tells the visitor that there is a link. After all, the whole purpose is to draw the visitor to your site. Always use blue color for the links.

You will be able to make sufficing profit from Google AdSense but before that you might face some problems & mistakes. But if you follow the above steps then in no time you will start making a good amount.

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