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This video is about social media marketing charlottesville va. MediaVizual is a creative online marketing company that specializes in all media creation and content market and distribution, as well as consult and design strategic long tail keyword modifier demographic campaigns to make local business visible, on multiple listings, on the first two pages to search phrases that directly identify with their success.
Crafting video and audio production with the iPad for online marketing with photos, videos and organic content will be a weekly bare minimum for any business that want’s to have any prayer showing up in search engine results on the first two pages….anyway, these are some different techniques to combine the ease and quickness of use that the mobile platforms like the iPad with iMovie, and the iPhone with garageband, with visually engaging content and material that, equally, and at the same time must generate user response. These are some online series I’ve done. The Mobile Home site ranked on the first page out of the world’s results for ‘mobile home’ out of 16 billion at my partner’s and my’s peak office online activity. I realized later, after Holloywood also called to star the “THE MOBILE MAN” series we had created for content marketing, on the Travel Channel. But, I got directly hit by an oncoming car at sixty miles an hour and that ended everything. Ten months later, I am recovered and have studied all day everyday exactly what google is going to want and what is rewarded points how and how spread you should be and what media to focus on and I’m just happy to be alive and ready to help any small or local business quickly get on the first page multiple places for the exact search phrases that make there business money……I am Matthew, this is MediaVizual, nice to meet you…I like you already : )
Theme songs are a must for setting yourself apart. MediaVizual can literally run your social media, create content, create videos, explainers, call to actions, craft you media visual blog and distribute it to the right online users AND track your progress as you climb to the first page of multiple ‘money making’ search phrases in multiple places per phrase. It’s a long process, there’s no fooling Google and there’s no hoping that Google will like your business better in terms of search engine results for any other reason that BEING VISUALLY ACTIVE ON ALL PLATFORMS (blogs, social medias, web sites, anything) AND you must have a following on each platform and user engagement. The kicker is absolutely ONLY the businesses that actively engage in the engaging and visual online media that reflects or directs business their way, will even be in the top five or ten pages of search results. This will be because of places like Houzz, Pinterest and others that will dominate the first two pages leaving only seven spots for local business to compete for. This is not a scare tactic, this is a mathematical certainty. It is not even an opinion of mine, it’s an assumed constant that shapes my decision making now. Mainly because the web is the only universally accessible way to automate your marketing, or template it enough while having done the work to earn one of the local listings, so that you’re always visibility and exactly the right exposure to the right phrases, and you’re marketing job will be easy. Otherwise, I’m just not even certain if you could catch up later, unless you made it your job to climb back up the pages. Think of how much media the Millennium Generation is going to put online in hopes of jump starting online businesses and marketing traditional ones, especially given their current job outlook and how many will turn to their biggest skill set: online activate and social media.

Ideally you want your page ranking to be as strong as having two or more organic listings on the first page….heck throw the video search on the first page in there too if you even know someone capable of doing that…..see that colorful icon I have as my google gravatar.

The younger people are by default instantly better at SEO than a lot of us will ever be, by the age of 15. Anyway, that was probably too much ranting, I swear, i said this to my own father. Anyway, I’m addicted to making multiple camera music videos and visual digital art in general, and I can’t hardly ever stop, it’s really out of control…..Loving what I do, hoping you do to, can’t wait to meet you! Oops, already said all that, I really get carried away and lost in my craft, sorry. Feel free to critique any and all comments I made, for I only seek the success and truth for every one who seeks it! email at

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