SiteGround WordPress Setup Tutorial For Beginners – New 2020 Interface

SiteGround has recently updated its interface from the older, dated looking cPanel. In this video tutorial, I walk you through the SiteGround WordPress setup using the new interface.

SiteGround website hosting:
Astra WordPress theme:
Elementor WordPress page builder:
ConvertKit Email marketing:

Videos mentioned:
How to choose hosting –

Table of contents:
1:00 – purchase website hosting
8:33 – set up website
10:32 – set up domain DNS
12:42 – website tools dashboard
13:58 – install SSL certificate
19:34 – choose and install a theme
23:15 – choose and import a pre-made template
26:11 – install Astra Starter Site plugin
31:40 – edit template with Elementor
36:02 – change theme settings with WordPress customizer

Now that #siteground is using a new interface, it is much easier to install #wordpress and get started building your professional looking website.

But before you get started, you’ll need to have a web hosting account. I walk you step-by-step through choosing the right SiteGround hosting plan for you and explain whether or not you need any extra services they offer.

After purchasing your hosting, you’ll be taken to your SiteGround account dashboard. This is where we start to set up your WordPress installation. It’s super easy, and literally only takes a couple of mouse clicks, and entering your email and creating a password.

If you didn’t purchase your domain name through SiteGround, then now would be a good time to change your DNS settings so your domain name points to your hosting account. I walk you through how to do that (using Namecheap as an example).

Then it’s time to manage your new website. This will take you to all of your site tools where you can pin and arrange the tools you use most. The best thing about this over the old cPanel interface is that each website you have will have its own site tools, so what you do for one website won’t affect the other.

The first thing we’ll do for site management is to secure the connection to your website by creating an SSL certificate. Again, super easy and only takes a couple of clicks. This will ensure your visitor’s data will be secured and not viewed by a third party when they submit a form or join your email list.

Next, we dive into WordPress. This is where the fun begins! We’ll start off by choosing a theme to work with. I highly recommend the Astra theme (link above in “resources”), because I build all my websites using the Elementor page builder (link above in “resources”). I like my themes to be super light-weight so they load fast and allow the page builder to take care of the layout and styling.

Once the Astra theme is installed, we can choose from a large selection of pre-made professional templates using the Astra Starter Sites plugin. This makes it easy to import a template and have a professional-looking website in a single click. There are industry-specific templates, or you can choose whatever layout you like and make any changes you want.

Now that you have the theme and template running on your site, you’re almost finished. All that’s left is to swap out the logo, change any images you want to be different, and add the wording you want to be displayed on your website. I show you how to do these by doing some basic page editing using Elementor and the built-in WordPress Customizer.

Once that’s finished, you’re all done! Go out and share your website with the world.

If you followed along with this tutorial, got WordPress installed on your account, and created your website, let me know in the comments below and use #giantslayer to show your success.

This video description contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I’ll receive some form of compensation. This helps to support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this and provide value to you for free. Thank you so much for your support!!

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