SEO Training Series 2 of 7: How to Expose Your Knowledge to the World With Article Marketing

Right here in part 2 of our training series we’ll go over what to do so you can form your material for utmost effectiveness in WordPress. A perfectly SEO’d article serves no point if it doesn’t really point your reader/viewer to take a action you would like them to take.

In the first article in this SEO training series I suggested that it was vital to do a solid amount of keyword research on your domain name first thing before you spent money on a bad domain name that you can’t get a refund on. In your content it is still extremely crucial, but not immediately. Don’t worry about your keywords right off the bat; just write out your article piece & you will have a infinitely better feel as to which keywords to look for in your keyword research, which we’ll discuss in the next part in this series. Just remember to not post your material until you complete your keyword research first.

The most vital thing to focus on right off the bat is to write valuable material that will catch the attention of your soon to be customers. One of the first things, aside from the subject matter, is how extensive the article will be.

If you’re submitting your work to an article submission site, which we’ll really dig into later within this series, there are very few places (I’ve only seen one at this point) which won’t accept any material with under 600 words on it, but with almost all other sites there is a pretty sizeable window you can play around with of about 300-700 words for your piece.

If you are doing a blog post, you can write even less words if you decide to stream a video as the main source of content. With that being the case your words only ought to serve the role of explaining what the video is discussing, and anything of importance you may have left out of the video, or any links you might want to put in your post below the video.

Most importantly, in one way or another, either with your video or in the last part of your content, you absolutely ought to incorporate some sort of effective, unambiguous call to action to whatever you want them to do. “Click here,” “follow me on…” “Subscribe to my channel,” anything you can think of. Every now and again the things we take for granted that are on your page are things we may over time end up not noticing altogether until someone (you) guides us to them.

So there you go. Simple enough; have easy to follow content and have a clear, exact call to action at the bottom, including the means to complete that call to action. After you have the whole thing good to go, simply publish your material and you’re ready to rock.

Of course, if you don’t have your material perfect before you publish it, don’t worry about it. You can always come back to it and change it later with very little effort. The biggest thing is that it can get out there enough to get some attention, perfect or not. If you expect to rank your material in the search engines, you have to put it out there anyhow. Get it started. Be willing to make a few bloopers along the way. As long as you keep going and picking up better ways of doing things in your journey, there’s no telling how far you can take your new business.

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