Sales Strategies For Tough Times

If you speak to enough small to medium business owners you will find most if not all are seeking to grow their businesses by reaching and engaging with more customers.

How these companies lead generate and prospect for new business will largely determine how successful they are i.e. how quickly they grow, achieve and sustain real profit. Conversely, companies that are experiencing success currently by being what I call ‘fair weather players’, or ‘in the right place at the right time’ businesses are in the most compromising position of all. Largely because they don’t have the necessary sales systems and processes that have been tested and developed to succeed in challenging economic times.

In sport we all like a great comeback story! If fact, we love to see the underdog overcome insurmountable odds to snatch victory from the sweaty hands of defeat. However, not many of us realise that coming from behind against the odds in tough times is as much about sheer guts and determination, as it is about well thought out and effective planning and preparation. Just about any business can thrive in good economic times, but it’s challenging periods like we are currently experiencing today that sort the good businesses from the also-rans, or the pretender as I like to call them.

All things being equal, a business with an average product/service with a great lead generation and sales strategy will outperform a business with a great product/service with an average lead generation and sales strategy. Even more powerful is a lead generation and sales strategy that has been tested and developed in a negative market. This largely ensures, but does not guarantee, your business can thrive and prosper no matter what the market and so called economic speculators are predicting.

How does a small to medium business achieve lead generation success in a declining market? Well one thing is for sure, it’s not easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

However, smart companies today are investing in ways and means to reach and engage customers in new and exciting and cost effective ways, that are both measurable and ROI driven. The most notable being the internet. Forget companies like Google, Amazon and eBay. These companies are the Tiger Woods of online businesses. As an SME you need to replicate successful web marketing examples that are both relevant to your market, customers and business potential. Trying to replicate Amazon as an SME defies reasonable logic. Let’s be honest, I’m all for thinking big, but I don’t think even the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, could have predicted or planned for such astronomical success.

So modeling your business on relevant and tested lead generation and sales fundamentals becomes the first step in your planning for tough economic times. The second most logical step requires partnering with a web marketing expert, that understands not only your business and its competitive forces, but how to help you design and develop a customer generation strategy utlising the pure mass and customer potential of the internet.

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