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Responsive Web Design and Mobile Marketing

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Mobile marketing is one of the most talked about topics in the digital world. It’s no secret that responsive web design is now a must have for businesses, but with the rise of mobile devices, how can you make sure your responsive website is mobile friendly?

Google’s Mobile Friendly update was designed to help improve the ranking of websites that are mobile friendly. And whileresponsive web design is not a new concept, it’s becoming more and more important as Google continues to push for a better mobile experience.

If you want to make sure your website is ready for the Mobile Friendly update, here are 5 things you need to do:

1. Use a responsive design framework
There are many great responsive design frameworks available that can help you get started. Bootstrap and Foundation are two of the most popular.

2. Optimize your images
Images can be a major problem on responsive websites. They can often be too large and slow down the site. Make sure to optimize your images for speed and use a tool like TinyPNG to reduce their file size.

3. Use CSS media queries
CSS media queries are a great way to target different devices with different stylesheets. This means you can optimize your CSS for each device, making sure it loads quickly and looks great on all devices.

4. Minimize HTTP requests
HTTP requests can slow down your website, so it’s important to minimize them where possible. One way to do this is by using CSS sprites, which combine multiple images into one file. This reduces the number of HTTP requests needed to load the page.

5. Use a caching plugin
Caching plugins store static copies of your pages and posts, which means they don’t have to be loaded from the database every time someone visits your site. This can dramatically improve page load times, especially on sites with a lot of traffic.

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