Real Estate Lead Generation Hacks. Luxury Virtual Model Suites for real estate new developments

Hello guys, welcome my name is Branko and today I’d like to talk to you real quick about real estate presentations and lead generations so the way that most developers try to present their new spaces or even soon-to-be spaces that are not built yet they do this by using still renders basically images or video walkthroughs of the space there are a few problems with this, for example, one of the problems is that the only
interaction that you can do with these materials is they have one that you do not actually want your people to do for example pausing the video or skipping parts of it right this way they are basically skipping the presentation that you made for them but there is an even bigger issue and that is that every single time when they see your content they are supposed to move away from it because they can’t just keep staring at the picture the entire time or watching the video right you want them to move away from it you want to lead them to a forum or even worse solution an email because then they have to you know they have to go to their inbox they have to fill it up to fill the message to write the message up for you they have to specify which apartment they’re
interested in and so on it just becomes so much friction so these are the major problems with with the video and images because by the way you move from them you’re ready they already start fading in your mind right so are just to really quickly to talk about interactive presentations such as this one so when you do not have the video or image but you have something like this what actually happens is that you have way more control over everything that is going on so a user can just walk around any room that they want they can see any part of the apartment and repeat this doesn’t have to be a built apartment this can be something that is still in construction right this is all just a computer ender it’s not photography so it can be anything you want and this gives them a lot more control and when it gives them more control it’s bound that they’ll spend more time on it and they’ll become more emotionally attached which is exactly what we want this means that we increase our chances of them becoming our leads right so how can they become our leads do they have to leave this do they have to water do they have to do I believe you already know actually because it’s been in front of our noses the entire time it says you see that it follows the cursor
everywhere we go it says double click to leave a question so let’s say I don’t know I am curious about this apartment I like it very very much and let’s say I’m curious if I don’t know it’s pet friendly okay so we can just double click my name is Bronco not sorry this is not for the name I’m just going ahead of myself here
ABR is it that friendly is it pet-friendly for example and then we can submit we write our name here so my name is Branko and then let’s just do a fake email I’d say Brankofakeemail at, for example, we can submit this and
there we go okay so now that we’ve submitted this we can first thing that happens is that we immediately get an email about it so if I just go to my email real quick here and I check my I check my email we can see Branko with Brankofakeemail I started a new conversation in the apartment and asked is it pet friendly so you already have a new lead kind of but you also have a place where you can go and you can you can see that if we just refresh this real quick so here it is you see the latest one now you can use this to follow up straight from here you can put it in your CRM you can import it somewhere and that’s it you already have a new lead wasn’t that easy thank you very much for watching the video I hope you’ve got some nice insight from it and until the next time bye bye

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