Python Malayalam | Python Automation | Part 1 : Introduction | Python Web Automation|Python Selenium

In this video, I’m gonna be introducing you into the world of Python Automation. This is the first video of Python Web Automation series in Malayalam and we will talk about three things:
1) What is Automation?
2) Why Automation?
3) Two places where I used Automation to solve real world problems.

We will be using the selenium library/package for the entire Python Web Automation series, and hence, you can also take this as a Selenium Python Tutorial as well. During this entire series, we will be doing a ton of Python Web Automation projects such as Google Search Automation, Instagram Automation, LinkedIn Automation, WhatsApp Automation, Facebook Automation and much more. We will start right from scratch, so that you can learn everything without hassle.

In the next video, we will walk you through the installation part, the videos will be available specifically for Windows and MacOS users.

This is a Python Web Automation Tutorial in Malayalam.

Stay tuned.

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