Make Money Online CRAIGSLIST PICKER PRACTICE Garage Yard Sale Money Craigslist Ebay Pickers Storage Auctions Part Time Income

PICKER PRACTICE Garage Yard Sale Money Craigslist Ebay Pickers Storage Auctions Part Time Income

PICKER PRACTICE Garage Yard Sale Money Craigslist Ebay Pickers Storage Auctions Part Time Income post thumbnail image

hey peeps…ok just a follow up and a couple places to do and practice and TRAIN YOUR BRAIN on what to buy and finding out MARKET VALUE..Thank God, be grateful, train your brain, keep your head on a swivel and reach out and help somebody today!

I want to thank everyone who likes my channel. I appreciate all the support and truly hope I am helping some people out there!! I like to show people how to make money from home! You can seriously make money from Craigslist and Ebay. I have several other revenue streams too!! Garage sale, Estate Sales, Thrift stores and shops, swap meets, flea markets, rummage sales, storage shed auctions, auctions, online, goodwill stores and more!! I love the hunt and kill of this business!! There is a plethora of resources out there!! You just have to have the motivation to get up and go find them in your area!! It is hard work sometimes, but I truly believe that if you do the right thing and keep your moral compass in check, GREAT things will happen to you. God is a huge part of my life. If you trust in him and do his will, your life will improve dramatically. That is one promise I can make to you!! While I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, I have an inherent ability to find good deals. It is in my blood! There are several great things about this business. Flexibility, freedom, time with your kids, control of your own destiny and more!!
You only need a few tools to get started!! Most people have everything they need anyways!! Phone, internet, camera, transportation etc. What a lot of folks LACK is motivation and patience!! If you don’t have those two characteristics, you will NEVER make it in this arena! When I talk about patience, I mean you have to LEARN this trade. There is a lot of shortcuts you can take, but they will always lead to a brick wall!! Trust me, I know!
There are a lot of places out there that “say” they can show you how to make money from home, but you wind up getting ripped off, shoved in to an Amway meeting or other MLM gigs. So many websites and channels on youtube pitch affiliate marketing, how to make money fast, how to make money online, how to make money on YouTube, how to make money from a blog, how to make money from ebooks, how to get money, spam scams, day traders and other junk it makes me want to scream!! My way is just old fashioned buying low and selling high! It’s one of the oldest professions other than farming, bartering and prostitution! NO JOKE!! SERIOUSLY Think about that for just a minute!! What other professions were there?
So, if you are struggling, drowning in debt, get out of debt, need employment, need a home based business, need a leg up, a kick in the butt, depressed, tired of being broke, looking for a business opportunity, stressed out, need a job, part time income, full time income, need some extra cash, a stay at home mom or dad, asking yourself “how do I learn to be a picker”?, how to be an American picker, hot to be to be a picker, how to make money fast, how to make money quick, how do I make money from garage sales, how to make money from storage shed auctions, want to make ends meet, how to survive in today’s economy, need employment, or you’re tired and hungry, just kick back, pay attention and you might just learn something!! I have shown you my part time income proof!!
One more thing!! Be GRATEFUL and thank GOD for what you have, and don’t complain about what you don’t!

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