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PHP Tutorial for Beginners | PHP Essential Training

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In this video we are going to see the basics of PHP . These are the fundamentals of PHP and essential trainings. we will see more and more in upcoming videos.

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Where There is a Will There is a Way πŸ’˜

//Chapters and time splits

00:00:00-00:00:54 Learning the fundamentals of PHP
00:00:55-00:01:54 How to use the exercise files
00:01:55-00:02:58 Installation overview
00:02:59-00:06:50 What is PHP?
00:06:51-00:11:51 Text editor for Mac
00:11:52-00:17:42 Text editor for Windows
00:17:43-00:24:25 Embed PHP code on a page
00:24:26-00:30:20 Output dynamic text
00:30:21-00:32:47 The operational trail
00:32:48-00:36:54 Insert code comments
00:36:55-00:44:44 Variables
00:44:45-00:49:22 Strings
00:49:23-00:58:15 String functions
00:58:16-01:04:42 Numbers, part 1: Integers
01:04:43-01:10:07 Numbers, part 2: Floating points
01:10:08-01:20:07 Arrays
01:20:08-01:26:44 Associative arrays
01:26:45-01:33:17 Array functions
01:33:18-01:37:07 Booleans
01:37:08-01:42:22 NULL and empty
01:42:23-01:50:49 Type juggling and casting
01:50:50-01:55:32 Constants
01:55:33-02:01:32 If statements
02:01:33-02:05:49 Else and elseif statements
02:05:50-02:13:19 Logical operators
02:13:20-02:23:10 Switch statements
02:23:11-02:31:51 While loops
02:31:52-02:37:50 For loops
02:37:51-02:46:06 Foreach loops
02:46:07-02:54:34 Continue
02:54:35-02:58:42 Break
02:58:43-03:05:25 Understanding array pointers
03:05:26-03:13:50 Define functions
03:13:51-03:19:22 Function arguments
03:19:23-03:26:55 Return values from a function
03:26:56-03:31:48 Multiple return values
03:31:49-03:37:50 Scope and global variables
03:37:51-03:42:50 Set default argument values
03:42:51-03:46:37 Warnings and errors
03:46:38-03:55:13 Common problems
03:55:14-04:03:08 Debug and troubleshoot

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