Pay Per Click Or PPC Advertising and Its Power

So you have been hearing about Pay Per Click or PPC advertising, but do you know what it’s all about? Well, Pay Per Click or PPC advertising simply means that when someone makes a valid click on one of your ads, you in turn get a small amount of earning from it. So the more clicks you get on the advertisements you placed on your website, the more earnings you will get from it.

Today, as we all know it, the most popular and most powerful Pay Per Click/PPC advertiser is the AdSense by Google. It’s either you be a publisher on Google’s AdSense or you be an advertiser in Google’s AdWords. Being a publisher allows you to place certain lines of codes just wherever you want on your website and when people start to click on it, and then you make money. While, advertisers are the ones who submits their own ads to AdWords and they have to pay whenever people starts clicking on their posted ads.

So now that you know what Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is, and how you actually earn money from it, let’s try to elaborate on it.

Now how to properly use AdWords and help you to promote your affiliate links or your own website, it’s simple. Say, you just started your business (online business that is). And the goal of your online business is to promote another company’s product or services using your website. All you really have to do is to learn how to attract more visitors or traffic to your website. This is one of the best ways for you to earn money. Try to find the exact or proper keywords for your targeted market. That way, whenever they make searches online, you will rank high in the list. Say, in Google, Yahoo or even Bing (MSN). You can also start making your own searches and try to find the top 5 or 10 ranking websites that is common with your website or your ads. You can also search for the top ads online and go to Google and have the same ads for your own website. If you do that, it will allow you to ride in and join the bandwagon and earn just like the top candidates with the best advertisements. Ensure that you choose “Placement Targeted as an option in AdWords. You can then proceed to creating your own advertisements and place them in your top competitors website or webpage. That will drive heavy traffic to your site, thus, leaving you with more clicks.

Now, let’s talk about AdSense and how to make money from it. If you currently own one of the top websites or even say a website with not so heavy traffic per month, you can still earn from AdSense. If only you properly position your ads on your site/page. You can place them on your header, in the middle of your page or article, footer or on the top left corner of your site/page. Most of AdSense users are used to positioning their ads on either the header or the footer of their websites as this is preferred by the search bars of Google.

No matter what you choose, whether you want to be an advertiser or promoter, you can earn money with the power of PPC or Pay per Click advertising.