Passive Income, Can You Market to Friends and Family and Make a Great Passive Income?

You just signed up for a network marketing company. They told you that if you just get two friends in and those two friends get two friends you can make a great income. Then you are told to write down a list of 100 friends and family that you know and they will show you how to market to them. Does this ideas work as a way to make great passive income?

There are a few reasons why this scheme might not work as a way to make a passive income.

1. Your friends and family are not targeted for your product or service.

Your friends and family are just that, friends and family. They may not be the right people to get involved in your business or opportunity. Why, because they just aren’t interested in it. They may love you, but they don’t want or need what you are selling. That’s okay, if they aren’t interested just travel on.

2. Can you build a big passive income business with only 100 people?

What is the one institution where people commit to love, honor, and care for each other the rest of their lives? Marriage! We spend thousands of dollars on weddings, months of planning, and lots of headaches to marry this person that we just know we are going to cherish for the rest of our lives. What happens? Over 50% of these commitments end in divorce. If that commitment ends in divorce, how many people that join your opportunity will also quit? You need more than one hundred to build a six-figure passive income!

3. Your friends and family could be difficult to convince.

Your friends and family could be a difficult sell. They know you in one particular way and now you are going to do something different. I might be difficult to get them to go along with you. Even Jesus had trouble in his hometown. How much trouble do you think you will have?

There are plenty of ways to get prospects that are interested in your product or service. There is article marketing, social media, banner ads, solo ads, and PPC just to name a few. You need thousands of interested people in order to have a great passive income.