Onsite Optimization Tactics to Attract More Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

In this article I am going to talk about getting your website to the top of the search engines by using the appropriate on site optimization along with the basic formula for building back-links

What is On-site Optimization?

On-site optimization for organic search basically means taking a close look at your website or blog to make it more user friendly for visitors and more “spider” friendly, so the search engines know where to place it within different search terms.

Optimizing your real estate website is done with your content, meta tags and site structure. Your first step with on-site or off-site optimization is (keyword research.) Your ability to Choose good keywords will determine if your visitors are qualified home buyers and home sellers or not.

There are all kinds of tools to help you with keyword research. The main thing to remember is to think like the people that want to buy or sell real estate in your city.

What phrases or words would they type into the search engines when they are looking to sell their home? What keywords would they use when searching… if they want to buy a home? After you develop a list of keywords, your next step is to put these keywords in your website content.

The truth is… if you make your content really relevant for your potential buyers and sellers and keep in mind the process they go through to do research on buying or selling a home — then your keywords WILL be inside of your


The more relevant it is to your prospects… the more your visitors will dive deeper into the content on your real estate website and the more the search engines will know what search terms to rank the page on your website or blog.

Your keywords should also be in your meta tags and title tags.

But the main thing to remember is that the is to do your best to make a bunch of content that is relevant to your potential home buyers and homes sellers. The more relevant content you have on your website the more likely it will be that the important keywords that you need will be there. Then structure your content so you can put text links with your keyword phrases in that content that link to the most important parts of your website. My experience some of the most important parts of the website are your MLS search option page and the home sellers information page.