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Learning how to do solo ads is actually super easy and one of the best forms of online advertising. It is by far the easiest traffic method and most effective. Unlike most other methods you can have numerous opt-ins and possible sales within 24 hours of running it. Now this is a paid method but it is a must if you want to grow your business quickly.

So what is a solo ad? It’s simple. You pay someone to advertise your offer,website, etc. to their email subscribers. Then you sit back and wait for the traffic to come. It’s that easy!

The steps are just as easy with the research part being the most time consuming but with solo ad testimonial groups popping up that has become easier as well.

1. Research different solo ad providers. Find the ones with solid reviews. In time you will want to have a list of your favorites so that you can use all of them at different times. This is your own personal army of advertisers.

2. Contact them before sending them your ad. Be polite. Ask if they can run your offer. There are times when their list has been sent the same offer too many times and it won’t be wise to send yours. Try to get fresh eyes for best results.

3. Make sure you have a great offer and very attractive squeeze page. Offering something for free works best and is required by some solo ad vendors.

4. Before you place your order be sure to get your link tracked. There are many link trackers online but be careful. Some free link trackers could expire before your solo
ad runs and that means you lose.

5. Write your own swipe (ad) or many solo ad vendors will write the ad themselves which is great for you. That means less work!

6. Place your order on their site. It’s fast and simple. Payment is usually made trough Paypal. Then send them your link and your swipe is needed.

7. You are done. Now the traffic will come when they say.

Many online businesses utilize solo ads and the results will speak for themselves. If you want to grow your business then this is one of the top online advertising methods out there.

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