Mobile Marketing for Clubs and Restaurants

I recently added a mobile marketing customer who runs nightclubs and restaurants. Like most people in that type of business, he is struggling to get people into his facilities. Fortunately, I am doing some work with his CPA and the CPA put us together.

If we think about the typical clientele for nightclubs, they are particularly mobile friendly. This is especially true when they get in the club. Heck, if the club is trendy at all you can hardly hear anyone well enough to carry on a conversation anyway. Texting becomes the default form of communication.

So, we know that the target demographic for this type of business is likely to be very receptive to text messages. When I met this business owner, of course I thought about using mobile marketing to help get customers in the door. Nothing new here. Offer a free drink in exchange for a customers mobile number and we now have them on our list. From that point on, we have the opportunity to inform that customer of nightly specials or other promotions we have going on at the club.

But, I wanted to take this customers campaign to the next level. So I thought about what our true objectives are. Getting people in the door is our first objective. The next objective is to get them to stay for a while and to spend more money.

So, I suggested to the club owner that we set up a nightly list. When someone entered the club we can tell them how to join the list. This list will be used to advertise hourly specials. And the only people who get the deals are the ones who opt into the nightly list. This accomplishes a couple of things. If I’m running hourly specials, I don’t want to send repeated messages to the whole master list. This could annoy some and cause them to opt out. Also, it costs money to send out the messages so we want to limit who we send hourly messages to to the people who are actually likely to respond, namely those who are already in the club.

The next day, I can then add any new numbers to the master list so that we can contact them with deals designed to get them to come back and enjoy the club again.

When this strategy was rolled out, we increased the revenue generated per customer by 50%. I think everyone knows there is a tremendous markup in food and beverage items at restaurants and clubs. The longer we can keep people engaged and in the restaurant or club and spending money the more profitable we can be.

One good strategy like this properly executed can be the difference between operating at a profit or taking a loss. Here’s the message to all you restaurant and nightclub owners out there. Work with a professional to design your marketing strategies. Stop assuming that the methods you used in the past will still work today.

The playing field has changed. You must either adapt or get ready to be the next closed club.

Mobile marketing could be the tool that saves your club.

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