Marketing Online Promoting Money Making Products

ClickBank’s affiliate network is ideal for both newcomers and beginners who are trying to earn a living through affiliate marketing. When you first start out on the internet, ClickBank is where you are most likely to go because of the many advantages it has.

Is ClickBank really a scam? Do you receive your payments on time?

ClickBank could be described as anything but a scam. They pay every fortnight like clockwork. However, it’s very true that there are hundreds of different programs in the ‘make money online’ niche that make ridiculous claims, but you personally shouldn’t start out by promoting these poor products.

The competition for these types of products is very fierce and you will only end up losing a great deal of time and money, then eventually you will quit. So stay clear of them. I’ll let you in on something that you’ll never find out elsewhere. The ‘make money online’ niche has the highest refund rates out of all the products featured on the ClickBank affiliate network.

Sometimes, you may produce one of these products and make a few sales, earning you a couple hundred. Only for a few days to pass, you log into your account and find that many of those sales have been refunded leaving maybe one or two, if you’re lucky.

No one will tell you this, but it’s 100% true. That is another reason why you’ll want to stay clear from that niche. As someone new to online marketing, you should start out with something in the health or home improvement area. It’s possible for you to find thousands of different eBooks on countless different topics on ClickBank, so your choices are endless.

If you’ve used the ClickBank marketplace for some time now and have become somewhat fed up with it, whether it be because of fees, wanting to sell physically products, or problems dealing with their policies, there are a number of viable alternatives that you can explore.


In some ways, this site is like a lite version of ClickBank. It uses PayPal payment processing in place of its own internal counterpart. Similarly to ClickBank, it has a significant base of affiliates, but unlike ClickBank, it is possible for you to communicate with those who you are trying to sell things to. With this site you can also sell physical products.


This is another system that is very similar to ClickBank; however, there are a number of people who feel that the merchant tools available on this site are much better than those featured on PayDotCom and ClickBank. This site also has a significant base of affiliates, although it isn’t as large as ClickBank and PayDotCom.

With this service you always receive digital download protection free of charge, so you won’t need a third party product such as DLGuard to protect the download page of your digital product.