Marketing For Beginners | The BEST Marketing Models and Frameworks

Discover The BEST Marketing Models and Frameworks In This Marketing For Beginners Video **** Introduction To Marketing Series 🎯 Learn how to create profitable marketing in this free marketing training series ➡️

In this video I want to introduce you to a number of different marketing models, frameworks, and high-level marketing strategies, some of which you may already be familiar with, but many I’m sure will be new. (From setting up a marketing plan to tracking your marketing analytics in your marketing funnel and a whole bunch more!)

The beauty of learning these marketing strategies is that once you see them, and understand how they work, well, you can’t un see them. And they’ll be stuck in your brain forever.

Like a scary movie that haunts your dreams and wakes you up in the middle of the night screaming for mommy you’ll find that these marketing models start to show up everywhere.

From the shows you watch to the articles you read even to the conversations you have with other people.

So let me show you how it’s done.

00:00 Marketing Models and Frameworks
02:00 The 4P’s Of The Marketing Mix
04:06 The 7P’s Of The Marketing Mix
06:27 Positioning Map
10:02 Marketing Masterplan
14:15 STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning)
17:43 Marketing Funnel
21:00 The “Magic Metric” (Intermediate)
24:33 Funnel Math (Advanced)
28:35 What To Watch Next

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