Making Money Online Is Very Easy If You Know How To Spot UFOs!

It was cold January morning and I was sitting in front of my computer screen looking at my ClickBank account. No sales again! Why can’t I start making money just like other people do? I was frustrated but I felt like something life changing was about to happen.

The truth is that I felt like giving up the whole business of trying to make money. But I knew that if I give I will never reach my dream of financial independence. So I made quick plan and I decided to start all over again looking for that right market where I too could make it! In the main time some strange noise was resonating outside, something out of this world was happening out there in coldness and darkness of winter morning.

But I didn’t pay too much attention to it! I went about my business and I fired up keyword tool to start my search. What happened next was the most exciting moment of my life! I have found them! The UFOs were right there… Right in front of me all the time!

So what were these UFOs. They were Unlimited Financial Opportunities! That’s right my friend each keyword represents unlimited earning opportunity for you. The key is to know how to chose the correct keywords that will make you more money than you could have ever imagined. Most people will never make any money because they don’t know how to spot these UFOs.

They jump into one market without properly selecting keywords and week later they look at their earnings and they say: “This doesn’t work! I give up!” This is clearly not a way to go about making money online.

Follow these simple rules for selecting the best and most profitable keywords:

1. Make sure that the keyword has at least 4,000 global monthly searches

2. Level of competition should be in between 40,000 to 50,000 competing pages

3. Keyword should not be too broad

There you have it! Now you know how to spot those UFOs that are so important when trying to make money online. Keyword research is really important part of stating and running online business. Most people think of keyword research as something that should be done only if there is time left. They forget that successful business must be based on solid understanding of market and this begins with keyword research.