Lucrative Article Marketing – How to Get Nothing But Highly Qualified Traffic

The strange thing about article marketing is that the more you focus on one specific niche, the more qualified traffic you’ll get. This may sound counter intuitive, but you need to understand how niche marketing works to realize the value of it.

Many marketers are so obsessed with traffic they think it is the whole idea about article marketing. It is true, the more traffic you’ll get, the more prospects and profits will come your way. But that can happen if only the traffic is targeted.

Generic information usually is less attractive than specific information. Information about soil maybe interesting for people who want to grow roses, but if they could find articles about choosing the right soil for roses, they will always go for the latter.

The simplest key to getting high qualified traffic is to aim for specific niche or sub niche. If your business is in teaching others to grow roses, you can focus on the soil, the caring tips during winter, the maintenance phase, and other sub topics.

Offering good information is part of the process. If you can give information that the readers really want, you are building credibility.

At the end of the article, you want to invite them to get more information from your site. More in-depth information that is related to the article you’re writing is a strong reason for the readers to click and go to your site.

Of course, you may provide that information immediately upon their arrival, but a better approach is to tease them with the benefits and contents you will be revealing at the other end of the site after they register.

A registration process could be as simple as asking for their name and email address and add them to your e-newsletter.

If you give generic information, the readers may still take the offer to subscribe because they are still interested in the broad topic, but when it comes to buying, qualified traffic and prospects are more likely to respond.

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