Learn How to Manage Online Banner Ads Campaigns Across Multiple WordPress Sites Tutorial Walkthrough

Getting the message out there, and is it working? The Adaptable Ad Changer WordPress plugin by CreativeMinds manages, tracks and provides reports on how well your WordPress advertising campaigns are running.

Designed specifically for eCommerce, this Ad Changer plugin can be used for cross-website banner advertising promotions, managing discount sale events and improving your product banner ads.

This plugin allows users to streamline WordPress ad management with large scale ad campaigns and coordinated ad placement so you can make money online with any WordPress blog or website.

The admin dashboard includes in-depth statistics on ad clicks, ad impressions, user location, and server load, so you can easily analyze ad performance to improve advertising campaign conversions.

This introductory video shows the basic functionality of the Ad-Changer and explains how to run ads across several WordPress sites, how to load creative and how to track results.
For more information please visit the product page:

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