Learn how to get started with online advertising

How do you start advertising online?
What do you need to settle to start?

Getting started on online advertising is easy.
In fact, so easy that many people forget about the fundamentals and just dives right in.
In this tutorial, let’s cover a few things:

The buyers journey
Cash flow and advertising
Ad formats
What are the different types of video ads
What are the common display ad sizes
What are responsive display ads
What are native ads
What are text ads
Account structure

Download the slides here:

Password managers
• Dashlane: (affiliate link)
• Lastpass:
Register a domain:
• namecheap.com
• netfirms.com
• godaddy.com
Web hosting:
• hostpapa.com
• netfirms.com
Email client:
• Gsuite
Content delivery network:
• cloudflare.com
Content management system
• wordpress.org
Payment processors
• stripe.com
• (affiliate link)

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