Ivan Yordanov Ivanov: Introducing WordPress automation using Ansible

When you are creating and managing WordPress sites for a living, regardless if you are a freelancer or working for an agency, it’s always great to see your customer base increasing. This, however, leads to the question – what happens when you start struggling with the time for managing all of your client’s sites? The answer is actually pretty simple – automation.

Automation has become an important part of all departments in the IT sphere. No matter if you are a developer, DevOps or system administrator, it is critical for your time management to be able to complete the tasks you work on as fast as possible with minimum manual work.

Nowadays there are quite a lot of tools for WordPress provisioning, management, and code versioning, but wouldn’t be cool if you can do all of these things with the help of a single powerful software? I definitely think it is, that’s why I’d like to share with the audience how this can be achieved.

The talk will cover the following topics:

* What is Ansible – how is it working, basics and general information.
* Why Ansible will make your life easier – use cases and examples of how WordPress developers can benefit from it
* How to start automating your WP site management process
* Practical examples and suggestions for automating tasks related to WordPress sites management

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