iPhone Application Development Basics: How to Get Started!

If you are a web developer, you might actually wonder how apps that you create would look in the iPhone and also about its feasibility for the consumers. Well, here are some tips from my side:

Documentation and iPhone Simulator Apple has always provided iPhone-specific development information and this information is bundled with its Safari documentation. The iPhone SDK which runs only on Mac contain an iPhone simulator which is essential if one owns an iPhone and eager to get on with the iPhone bandwagon. You need to register as an iPhone Developer and then install the SDK in your system. Here you will find the simulator for the iPhone.

Small Screen CSS The biggest and the most obvious difference between the iPhone and PC and Mac is that it has a smaller screen. If your web page already works in desktop browsers, one strategy you can use is that you can create another CSS especially for the iPhone. You could also add the iPhone-only styles to the main CSS using @media block if you prefer to use only one style sheet.

The Viewport Meta Element Apple’s Safari browser on the iPhone can render your pages like the desktop browser, with resolution of 980 pixels width thus scaling down content for visibility on the big screen. The user might have to zoom in to view the minuscule content available which might suffice for your web pages. But as a iPhone developer if you’re designing iPhone apps that should look like the native application, this will not do. Here, it is easy to make amends by using the special viewport meta element.

Orientation Changes The web pages can be viewed in two orientations: portrait and landscape. Your iPhone should be able to react to the changes appropriately. As an iPhone developer, use JavaScript to access the property window.orientation. You an also use the orientation change event to perform action when an iPhone user tilts the device.

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