Involve Asia CPUC Cost per Unique Click Explained (Affiliate Marketing Philippines)

This video provides information about CPUC or Cost per Unique Click campaigns from Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing Philippines. We will also feature hot campaigns and click offers from GLOWIN Skin beauty products and explain how CPUC or Cost per Unique Click works in affiliate marketing websites like Involve Asia.

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Welcome to Crowdsourcing Shopee Affiliate Marketing YouTube Channel where we feature Shopee finds from Involve Asia Philippines and promote top selling products from reputable affiliate marketing websites based on customer reviews and product ratings.

⏲ Timestamps
0:00 CPUC (Cost per Unique Click) Involve Asia
0:30 Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing Website
1:20 Hot Campaigns and Click Offers
2:00 Click Offers Involve Asia Philippines
3:35 GLOWIN Skin CPUC (Cost per Unique Click)
5:40 CPUC (Cost per Unique Click) and CPS (Cost per Sale)
6:50 Payment Proof Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing
7:40 How to Share Involve Asia Affiliate Link on Facebook and YouTube?
8:05 GLOWIN Skin Beauty Beyond Boundaries
8:35 Crowdsourcing Shopee
9:00 Involve Asia Affiliate Marketing Link
9:30 Shopee Involve Asia
10:15 Involve Asia Publisher Free Registration

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📌 Disclaimer for Crowdsourcing Shopee
“This video contains affiliate links. Crowdsourcing Shopee creator only receives a commission when a click converts into a sale. This also helps maintain and grow our Crowdsourcing Shopee YouTube channel.”

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