Instagram Advertising Tool – Instagram Promote Feature 2016 – Paid Ads

The new Instagram advertising tool is here. Instagram online now gives you the tools to promote your instagram posts right from your phone. YES you can now create paid advertisements from your Instagram account. This means you can truly use Instagram as a Business Marketing Tool. In this video I’ll show you how to create a simple ad to draw in leads with Instagram. It’s really easy to setup Instagram Advertising. Watch the short video and let me know when you create your own add. Follow me on Instagram

Note: You have to have an Instagram Businsess account to do this. If you’d like to learn how to swith your Instagram account to a business account, click here

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** How to get Free Instagram Analytics – tutorial coming soon**

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PicMonkey Full Tutorial:
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Post to Instagram from your desktop:

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My Favorite Social Media Tools (Some affiliate links)

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How to use Instagram Promote for Instagram Advertising

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